Investment Calculators

RBFCU is dedicated to helping you make the right investments. That's why we provide a variety of easy-to-use online financial calculators. Our comprehensive range of investment calculators provides the information you need to make the right choices and continue on a path toward financial success. Create a balanced portfolio of investments, assess the tax advantages of a specific investment or find out exactly what it may take to reach your overall investment goal.

Select from the list of investment calculators below to access a specific calculator and find additional information. For questions about our online investment calculators or to discuss your investment options, contact RB Financial LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of RBFCU, today. Our Investment Professionals can help you grow your wealth by making investments that work for you.

Asset Allocator

Taxable vs. Tax Advantaged Investments

Investment Returns

Certificate of Deposit Calculator

Compare Investment Fees

Mutual Fund Expense Calculator

Future Contracts Calculator

Investment Savings and Distributions

Investment Distributions

Investment Loan

Investment Goal Calculator

Annual Stock Option Grants

Municipal Bond Tax Equivalent Yield

Investment Loss Recovery Calculator

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