Auto Finance Calculator

Low, promotional interest rates can save you a great deal of money when you finance your car or truck. Not only are your monthly payments lower, but your total interest payments can be significantly less. This calculator is designed to allow you to compare three different auto financing options. Use it to help find the best monthly payment and how much interest you could save.

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Balance to finance
Total amount you wish to finance with a loan. This is the total balance after taking into account taxes or fees. This doesn't include your down payment or trade-in amounts. These amounts should be entered in the down payment field.
Net leased amount
Total amount you wish to have leased. This is the balance after taking into account any fees or taxes. This doesn't include your down payment or trade-in amounts. These amounts should be entered in the down payment field.
Interest rate (APR)
The Annual Percentage Rate charged for this loan or lease.
Down payment (cash+trade-in)
This is the total cash down payment for this purchase or lease. If you are applying a trade-in amount to your financing, include it here.
Term in months
The total number of months you wish to finance your automobile. The minimum term is 12 months, the maximum term is 120 months.
Residual percentage
For leases, this is remaining value of your vehicle after the lease term expires. The higher this amount, the lower your lease payment will be.

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