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When it comes time to sell and/or purchase real estate in Texas, come to the Mortgage Resource Center and see why it pays to use us for your home borrowing needs.

Savings Example

If you finance your home with us for $200,000, here's how you can save money:

$1,200 for using a real estate agent preapproved through RB Premier Realty LLC.*

Come see why we're the top credit union real estate lender in Bexar, Comal and Guadalupe counties!

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*To qualify for the rebate on your home purchase, you must select a real estate agent working for RB Premier Realty LLC (RBR). Rebate example assumes you buy your home valued at $200,000 through RBR. The agent earns a 3% commission ($6,000) and you receive a 20% rebate of that commission, equaling $1,200. Your actual savings may be more or less depending on your purchase price.