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20 & 30 – Year Mortgage Products

We know the decision to purchase or refinance your home can be complicated. So can the type of loan you choose. We want to help you understand the key differences of our 20 and 30-year products.

A fixed rate mortgage may be best if:

  • You are more comfortable knowing your principal and interest payment will remain the same throughout the life of your loan
  • You plan to stay in the same home for more than ten years
  • You don't expect your income to increase in the coming years

An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) may
be best if:

  • You can afford potential risk of payment changes due to interest rates increasing or decreasing
  • You want to make the most of your buying power
  • You want more flexibility in case you plan to move within 3-5 years
  • You anticipate paying off your home sooner
  • You expect your income to increase

Lender licensed by the National Mortgage Licensing System under registration number 583215.

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web site not user friendly for 20/30 yr mtg. when applying for a 20 or 30 yr mtg. you are directed to a 7,10,15 yr mtg. and there is no way to get around it. I want to fill out a mtg. loan application for correct mtg. so I called loan center and was told to just add that info at the bottom of the 15 yr loan. The problem with that is that all the truth and lending statements, etc pertaining to the loan are totally different then what im applying for. I think this needs to be fixed asap because its not providing the borrower with correct information required by law. thank you, I have gone in circles for 3 hrs trying to fill out a loan app that should take less then 30 minutes but hopefully something good will come out of it for other members in the future ! March 31, 2014
RBFCU - Best Financial Institution to deal with My husband and I have been members since 1987. Over the years we have had several loans with RBFCU. Last year we moved to North Texas and bought a house. Mortage process with RBFCU was so simple and flawless. They had the account funded the night before and closing was a matter of 15 minutes. Only wish they had a branch up here in North Texas. February 22, 2014
Buying a house was incredibly easy As someone who is self employed with less than stellar credit, I was a little concerned that applying for and getting a mortgage was going to be difficult. My wife has a full time job, but even with that being the case, I was afraid that I'd have a ton of hoops to jump through. That was not the case with RBFCU at all. Their pre-approval letter came quickly. The loan officer, Nina, that we dealt with was super helpful and answered all of our questions quickly, including giving some advice on how certain variables would affect our payment/etc. Long story short, RBFCU had already won us over since having moved our banking to them. Now they'll be our first stop for any kind of financing. February 3, 2014
This product is not user friendly online This product is not very user friendly online and has several technical glitches. it doesn't even have a section for "VA LOAN" on it. And the loan calculator feature does not work- it generates an error everytime. August 9, 2013
Very professional folks! This is the credit union you want on your side. Their service is excellent and their rates are almost impossible to beat. My wife and I couldn't be happier with Randolph. They put us in our new home fast & easy. May 29, 2013
Excellent Service We refinanced our condo for 11 years mortgage. Once we started, it didn't even take a month to close it. It was very prompt and all the staff including mortgage brokers and processor was very professional and cooperative. Compared to the other big/giant banks, which I had another mortage and refianced with, RBFCU was so much better in terms of the rate and quality of service and the process pace. The rate was the best in town and so was the service! I stongly recommend RBFCU for anybody that needs a mortgage or any financial service. March 1, 2013
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