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Online Banking Statements

Sign up for RBFCU eStatements and discover the ultimate convenience of online banking statements.

eStatements are a FREE online version of your monthly or quarterly RBFCU account statement and are offered as part of our eDocuments service. Choose when and how you receive your online banking statements so you can get the information you need, keeping your banking history organized however you like. Create a folder on your computer's desktop for easy access and reference or simply print your eStatements at home for secure organization.

In fact, security is one of the main reasons more and more members are choosing the RBFCU eStatements option. When you stop receiving your bank statements in the mail and start receiving them online, not only do you cut down on the clutter, but it's also a more secure way to keep your banking information out of the wrong hands. Easier, faster, and with less chance of identity theft, it's no wonder online banking statements are one of our most popular eDocuments services.

Enroll in RBFCU eStatements

To enroll in RBFCU eStatements (eDocuments):

  • Login to NetBranch Online
  • Click on the Statements link
  • Click on the Enroll in eDocuments link

At the eDocuments Preference page you will see a listing of documents associated with eDocuments that includes eStatements. Once you accept the service terms and conditions and are enrolled, an e-mail notification will inform you when your eStatement or eDocument is ready to view. For questions about RBFCU eStatements enrollment, contact RBFCU today. Our Member Service Representatives are available to discuss security procedures and more as they relate to online banking statements.

Program terms are subject to change. IRA statements, error resolution notices, tax statements, or any additional financial documentation required by law will still be mailed until further notice. We now offer IRA statements to be sent electronically.