ePay FAQs

How is your service different from other online banking services?

ePay makes it possible for you to see 100% of your electronic bills online. No other service provides you as much flexibility and allows you to control all of your bills and payments from one central location. You also enjoy the additional benefit of completely automating your payment process.

We use CheckFree® to facilitate our ePay service. CheckFree has been providing high quality financial electronic services for more than 20 years, and more than 800 service providers rely on CheckFree.

How does ePay pay my bills?

For each payment you authorize, ePay will make an electronic deduction from the account you specify depending on the type of payment accepted by that Payee.Top of page

Who can I pay using ePay?

You may pay anyone in the United States, from your mortgage lender to your newspaper carrier. ePay allows you to set up Payees that are not traditional senders of recurring bills.

The only payments you cannot make through your bill payment service are court-ordered payments, state and federal tax payments, and international payments.Top of page

Do I have to use ePay for every bill?

No. You can choose which bills you want to pay through ePay. For your convenience, we encourage you to pay all your bills online, but it’s not required.

How long does it take for the Payee to receive my payment?

The Payee will receive payment the day you specify provided that you have set up the payment four or more days in advance.

Is receiving and paying bills online hard to do?

No. Electronic billing and payment is easy and convenient. ePay saves you time, so that you can bypass opening bills and writing checks. And, if you prefer to keep a paper record of your transactions, you simply hit “print” and you’re done!Top of page

Are my records secure?

Security is very important to us. Our site employs security technology including firewalls and encryption to help keep your information secure. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and the NetBranch Online User Agreement.

CheckFree® has been providing high quality financial electronic services for more than 20 years. They never sell consumer data, and you are backed by their guarantee that protects you against fraud and late payments.

Can I download payment information into Quicken®?

Yes, our service supports Quicken (versions 1998-2004) downloads. ePay is compatible with your financial software and even remembers the transactions that you have previously downloaded. It gives you the flexibility to download all your payment information or only the transactions you have not yet downloaded.Top of page