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Overdraft Protection

Mistakes sometimes happen when using your checking account that may cause you to become overdrawn. RBFCU offers overdraft programs to help you manage your account including:

  • Transfer from Savings. We may transfer funds automatically from your savings account, if funds are available, at no cost to you. Federal regulations limit transfers to six per month.
  • Line of Credit. Members may apply for a line of credit (LOC) designated for overdraft protection. If funds are not available in your checking account, this LOC may be used to cover the discrepancy up to your loan limit. Apply now for your LOC.
  • Courtesy Pay. Courtesy Pay may cover a check, automated payment, ePay or debit card transaction for an amount over your available account balance. This provides a level of protection against being declined at the checkout line and avoids the embarrassment and cost of having a returned check. For each Courtesy Pay transaction, there is a fee of $24. Due to regulatory requirements, Courtesy Pay is only available to members who "opt in" as an overdraft option.

    We pay all checks and debits on your checking account in order of arrival sequence throughout the day.

Effective July 1, 2010, you MUST opt-in to enjoy the benefits of Courtesy Pay.

We've made it easy to opt-in. Simply contact us in one of the following ways:

  • Sign in to your NetBranch Online account and navigate to "My Profile" then click on "Account Services" and follow the self-service directions.
  • Access your account through HAL and follow the prompts.
  • Call our Member Service Center at 210-945-3300 (San Antonio), 512-833-3300 (Austin), or 1-800-580-3300 (toll-free).
  • Visit your neighborhood branch.

Courtesy Pay should not be used as a source of extra funds, but as a safeguard to protect against unexpected mistakes. It provides you the security of knowing your transaction will be processed, not returned for insufficient funds, and it saves you from being charged any additional fees by the merchant.