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Getting to Your DESTINATION

There are a lot of decisions involved in planning a vacation, and transportation is a big one. It doesn't really matter where you plan to go unless you have a way to get there.

Of course, some modes of transportation are vacations in and of themselves. Travelers can spend weeks or even months sailing around the world on a cruise ship, and some railroads offer cross-country tours that give you the opportunity to experience various regions of the country over several weeks.

When deciding the best way to get to your vacation destination, consider some of the following factors:


If you're taking a cruise, will you also need an airline ticket, or can you drive to the port from which your ship departs? How much does it cost to gas up the RV? Believe it or not, with the price of gasoline, it is sometimes cheaper to fly than it is to drive, especially in larger vehicles that don't get good gas mileage.


How long is your vacation? If you're like the average person, you have seven to 10 days to get to your destination, enjoy your vacation, and get back home. If you're traveling a long distance, airplanes and cruise ships often off the best options for your time.

Motion sickness

Do you get sick if you sit in a moving vehicle too long? Do you get queasy just thinking about the ocean waves pushing the ship around? Sickness could be a big factor in determining your travel plans. If you just can't get around it, visit your doctor far in advance to discuss medications that will help you to stay healthy during your trip.


If you're traveling during specific bad weather seasons, like winter when it snows or summer and fall when hurricanes are prevalent, know that your travel plans can be delayed significantly or even cancelled due to inclement weather.