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An effective resume is your passport to the most important step of your job hunt � the interview process.

To begin your resume, start with a heading including your name, address, telephone number, and mailing address. If you plan to move, provide a way for employers to reach you, like a family member�s address. Also, be sure you set up an e-mail account other than the one provided by your college or university.

The next section, your objective, should summarize your strongest selling points and should be specific about what sort of work you are hoping to do.

Following this section, list any work experience and showcase your accomplishments. Use numbers and key words to highlight specific instances of high achievement.

The next section is education and should emphasize the different types of education you have received. This may not be limited to your college education. It should also include any certifications or special schools you may have attended as well.

A final section outlining key skills or qualifications should show potential employers what additional skills you bring with you, above what you may have already mentioned.

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