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Moving TIPS

  1. When selecting a moving company, shop around to get the best rate possible.
  2. Once you know your new address, inform anyone who may need it. Use this handy checklist to make sure you are on track when getting ready to move.
  3. Research the area where you will live for the nearest libraries, schools, grocery stores, and hospitals.
  4. Once you have selected a school for your children, arrange to transfer immunization records and transcripts.
  5. Notify your doctor(s) and dentist of your move, and obtain all your medical records. Also, request referrals of doctors in your area who preferably fall within your insurance coverage.
  6. Notify your veterinarian. Obtain your pet's records and ask for referrals to veterinarians in your new area.
  7. If you are moving overseas, make sure your passport is current and valid. If you need a passport, visit your local United States Post Office for an application.
  8. If you are moving overseas, and cannot take your vehicle, apply for a vehicle loan from Randolph-Brooks. You'll be ready to buy a new vehicle when you get to your new home.
  9. If you are moving overseas, contact the consulate for the country where you are moving. Ensure that you have all the proper paperwork prepared and available.
  10. Keep all important documents in one location at all times during your move.