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There are lots of details to remember when you're moving to a new location. Use this handy list to help keep your to-do list in check.

Address Changes

Remember to provide your new address to anyone who may need it — especially those companies to whom you make regular payments. This may include:

  • Other financial institutions
  • Credit card companies and other lenders
  • Magazines/publications to which you subscribe
  • Cell phone provider
  • Internet provider

Also, be sure to have the post office forward your mail from your old address to your new address until your records are updated in everyone's system.


Contact your local utility companies to ensure you'll have service when you move in:

  • Electric company
  • Water company
  • Trash pick-up
  • Cable television company

Motor Vehicle

If you're moving to a new state, you'll need a new drivers license and license plates. Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicle to see what needs to be done first. Some states require your vehicle to be registered before you can obtain your new drivers license.