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There's no such thing as the perfect house. Even if you build to your own specifications, styles change over time and often, so do your needs. Your furniture may not be the right color, or it might look worn in a newly built home. Perhaps you don't like the wall paper in the existing home you just purchased, or maybe the paint needs touching up. Of course, new homes don't come with curtains, bathroom linens and other accessories that most people choose to purchase to match the style of their new homes. Or, maybe it's the right time to buy energy efficient appliances.

What about even larger purchases? Is now the right time to purchase energy efficient appliances? Perhaps you'd like to have your patio covered or closed in, or maybe you're thinking about adding a swimming pool or spa. Could the landscaping stand to be upgraded?

These are all common additions to a home, and they are all elements that add value, whether it's an existing home or newly built. The question is – how will you pay for them?

We have many ways to help you out while saving you money. Sure, you can apply for the in-store credit cards from home improvement warehouses or elect for financing from the company installing your pool, but the interest rates may be considerably higher than ours, and the terms may not be as flexible as you need them. Try your credit union first.