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While RBFCU membership isn't only for military service members anymore (now more than 2,000 ways to join), we continue to appreciate our military heritage and the opportunity to serve the men and women who serve our country.

Special benefits are available to military service members and their families. These benefits include the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) of 2003, which allows service members called to active duty to suspend or postpone some civil obligations.

The SCRA covers issues including rental agreements, security deposits, prepaid rent, eviction, installment contracts, credit card interest rates, mortgage interest rates, mortgage foreclosure, civil judicial proceedings, automobile leases, life insurance, health insurance and income tax payments.

One significant area included within the SCRA is the interest rate limit. The SCRA limits interest collected on military service members' debts to 6 percent per year during the period of military service.

For more information on the ways RBFCU serves military members, please visit the military tab on the life events section of our website. You can also visit for more on the financial resources/benefits designated through the SCRA.