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Text Message Phishing Scam

Members of other local financial institutions have recently received text messages to their mobile phones saying that their debit cards have been deactivated. In these texts, debit card holders were instructed to call a telephone number for the financial institution to reinstate their cards.

In reality, however, the phone number was not associated with the financial institution. Instead, the number connected to scammers who tried to have members reveal their debit card numbers and personal account information. This text message was sent to many people in the San Antonio area, regardless of whether they were part of the financial institution referenced; trying to trick as many unsuspecting victims as possible.

At RBFCU, we value our members' security and provide resources to protect them. RBFCU will never ask you for your account, card or personal information via text message. If you receive a message of this nature from RBFCU or any other financial institution, you should disregard it and should under no circumstances reveal your account information.