Take Care to Avoid Repairs

Nobody wants to spend money on car repairs. After all, spending money on major repairs typically means using money you had earmarked for something else, like a nice evening out or a weekend trip. That's why it may sometimes be easier to push a vehicle problem under the rug, so to speak, hoping that it will just go away. However, putting off problems and hoping that they'll disappear can hurt your finances more in the future.

Here are a few quick and easy repairs you should keep on your radar so you can maintain your vehicle at peak performance levels:

  • Change your oil regularly. Your car will have specific guidelines on how frequently you should change your oil. Oil is the lifeblood that keeps your vehicle running smoothly, so don't neglect this important maintenance detail.
  • Monitor all fluids. We typically consider oil changes a regular “to-do” list item, but may forget to monitor some of the other fluids that keep our car hydrated and healthy. Keep an eye on your transmission fluid, brake fluid and coolant as well so you can quickly diagnose leaks and prevent them from becoming a big problem.
  • Treat your tires well. Keep your tires inflated and check their tread regularly. Maintaining well-inflated tires are not expensive. You can check their levels for free and can usually add air for less than a dollar. And, it saves you from dealing with badly-worn tires and costly replacements later on down the road.
  • Don't try to do too much on your own. If you're not sure about how to complete a replacement or repair to your vehicle, consult a professional. Trying to start the job on your own could end up costing you extra money if you're not an expert in the area of repair you're trying to fix.
  • Give it a new “loan” on life. You don't have to touch your car to make an impact on your vehicle financed. If you're currently financing your car through another institution, you may be able to save money by refinancing your loan over to RBFCU. You'll have the power to make driving more affordable with a simple online application.

It may take a few minutes and a few extra dollars to maintain your vehicles properly, but the savings in the end should be worth it. You can not only improve your vehicle's health in the long run; you may also be creating a safer, healthier, budget-friendlier driving experience for you and your family.