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Sneaky Savings

If you're a parent, have you ever tried little tricks to add nutrition into your kids' diets? Maybe you've put peas and mashed potatoes together as a birds' nest. Maybe you've added a banana to a batch of pancakes or used peanut butter to make celery a bit more tempting.

While some use these little tricks to make mealtimes more palatable, we can apply the same type of attitude toward our money management systems. Often, when we're confronted with the idea of saving or changing our lifestyles, we may cringe and talk ourselves out of putting money away. However, if we use little games to trick ourselves into saving money, we may find that the smaller amounts can be tucked away easily and without too much thought or concern.

Try these easy tips for sneaky savings:

Put away windfalls. Instead of spending your tax refund or your bonus check, use it to jumpstart your savings. Sometimes getting a large amount of money back can make you feel the urge to spend, but you'll feel better in the long run if you tuck some of that money away so that you have it when you need it.

Earn without knowing it. If you have a Freedom Check Card or an RBFCU Platinum CashBack Rewards MasterCard®, you'll have an easy avenue to saving money. As you shop, you can accumulate cash back rewards which in turn can be added to your savings nest egg.

Reward impulse control. When you have that "I-just-have-to-have-it" moment, give yourself some time to think on it or sleep on it. If you decide that you don't need it, give yourself a saving boost instead. Take all, or at least, some of the money you would have spent on your purchase and use it to build the balance of your savings account.

Automate the process. If you plan for monthly transfers from checking to savings, you'll be able to move money without really noticing it's gone. You'll become accustomed to living on the lower dollar amount and can build your savings without stressing each month. Don't worry if you can't move a lot of money each month; even just a few dollars per paycheck could add up to a substantial savings account at the end of the year.

Say bye to bill postage. We don't always think about the cost associated with mailing paper payments for our bills each month. However, using ePay, our online bill pay services, you could save 44 cents per letter. If you mail an average of nine bills each month, you'd save almost $50 in a year, not to mention making life easier by paying all your bills in one place online!

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