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Credit Union News

Rewards Revoked at Other Financial Institutions

Another financial institution recently released news that they are both doing away with their debit card rewards program and charging their customers to use their debit cards. In the wake of recent financial legislation, changes in financial products and services have been common. Other institutions have also dropped debit rewards or implemented new checking fees. However, at RBFCU, we're working hard to make sure you and your family receive the most value and the best products and services.

At RBFCU, we're keeping as many of our services fee-free as possible. Check out these products and services you can enjoy without an extra charge hitting your wallet:

Really Free Checking. Other financial institutions seem to be shouting, "Down with debit!" as they cancel rewards programs and institute additional charges for the privilege of spending money from your own checking account. However, at RBFCU, your Really Free Checking account is really free and you'll actually be paid to use your Freedom Check Card for transactions. Last year, members received $5 million in cash back rewards!

RBFCU Mobile. Using RBFCU Mobile is like having an entire credit union in your pocket. You'll be able to make transactions, including check deposits, from your iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices without ever stepping foot inside a branch. More importantly, you can make those financial transactions on your own schedule; your accounts, your loans and more are available whenever you need them.

ePay. Paying your bills all in one place? What could be easier? Maybe if it came without a price tag. While other institutions charge for online bill pay services, ePay is available free of charge and allows members to manage their monthly obligations online without a lot of extra time and hassle.

While many customers of other institutions are dissatisfied with the service, rates and fees they receive, members at RBFCU continue to come back for more – more savings, more products and better service.

Try our advanced technology and fee-free products for yourself – become a member today!