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RBFCU Gives Greater Value

Almost weekly, we hear of other financial institutions either dropping rewards, raising fees or coming up with new ways to charge their customers for the same service. One institution is currently testing an option to charge customers for using their debit cards.

At Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union, our goal is to keep fees as low as possible for members while providing rewards and givebacks in appreciation for their loyalty. Looking to maximize your savings? Try these products and services:

  • Really Free Cash Back Checking. Last year, members earned $5 million in cash back rewards using their Freedom Check Cards to make every day purchases. Each card swipe earns 10¢ in cash back rewards, which members receive in February each year. At RBFCU, we pay members to use their accounts, unlike competitors who charge customers to use debit cards for purchases.
  • Low-rate auto loans. Members can secure low-rate auto loans to finance a new car or refinance a vehicle from another institution. Compare that to other options, and you'll see that you get hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars in savings and value when you finance or refinance with RBFCU. If you're in the market for a vehicle, our new and improved loan calculators make it easier than ever to find the best loan and discover how much you can save.
  • MasterCard® balance transfers. Interest rates can be astronomical on some credit cards, with some institutions offering cards with rates in the 20-to-30 percent range. Transferring a balance from one of those high interest cards to an RBFCU MasterCard means you'll put less money toward interest payments each month and will pay your debt off sooner. Our low MasterCard balance transfer rate, along with your choice of rewards ( Gold Cash Back, Platinum Rewards or Platinum Preferred) will put more money back in your pocket and put you closer to your financial goals.
  • RBFCU Mobile. With RBFCU Mobile for iPad, iPhone and Android, your savings come in the form of time. With RBFCU Mobile, you have more time to pursue your interests and to spend time with your family; you also spend less time (and less gas money) driving to your nearest branch to make check deposits.

These services are all available to help RBFCU members save money, and, unlike those other financial institutions, RBFCU hasn't added on new fees to our services. Instead, you can continue to save time, save money and earn money by using RBFCU products and services.

Make sure you're receiving the best value when it comes to your finances; take advantage of RBFCU membership today!

Cash back program subject to change. The credit union reserves the right to determine if transactions processed under the 10 cash back program are usual and customary. For transactions that are not usual and customary, they are 1) not eligible for the rewards payment and 2) may result in a loss of check card privileges and any accrued rewards cash.

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