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New Phishing Scam Alert

A new phishing scam relating to the recent natural disaster in China and the upcoming Olympics are being circulated. These messages are sent as unsolicited email messages that contain a link to a malicious web site. This web site contains a video that, when opened, may run a file to infect the user's system with malicious code.

Reports indicate the following subject lines are being used. Please note subject lines can change at any time.

  • The most powerful quake hits China
  • Countless victims of earthquake in China
  • Death toll in China is growing
  • Recent earthquake in China took a heavy toll
  • Recent china earthquake kills million
  • China is paralyzed by new earthquake
  • Death toll in China exceeds 1000000
  • A new powerful disaster in China
  • A new deadly catastrophe in China
  • 2008 Olympic Games are under the threat
  • China's most deadly earthquake

To minimize your security risk, you may want to ensure your anti-virus software is up to date. Also, never open unsolicited web links received in email messages. Finally, beware of future phishing attacks that may target either the Olympics and/or natural disasters.

For more information on security, visit our Security page.