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Life is filled with milestones. Marriages, births, first homes – all moments of joyful celebration. Rose and John Andrews celebrated a special milestone by marrying in 1975. However, according to John, Rose had already celebrated a key event the previous year when she became a member of Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union. "She chose RBFCU before she chose me," he joked.

This past December, the couple celebrated another exciting milestone – they made the final payment on their home. The Andrews had been credit union members for more than a quarter-century and had financed several cars with RBFCU (including a 1974 American Motors Hornet). The home loan, however, was their largest obligation and thus provided the greatest cause for celebration. The couple built their home in 1994, refinanced it through RBFCU in 2003, then paid their mortgage in full in 2010. John and Rose celebrated making their last payment by having one of their RBFCU representatives snap a photograph commemorating the exciting experience.

One of their goals as they neared retirement was to pay off their home and not to begin their golden years in debt. According to John, while it can be easy to find other things to spend money on, the return on those purchases cannot equal the satisfaction felt upon making that final home payment and knowing the future is more secure.

In their experience, one of the best things about completing a mortgage payoff is the peace and satisfaction of knowing their years of work and planning resulted in owning their home free and clear. "There is a feeling of accomplishment in having a goal and knowing you achieved it through your own efforts," John said.

For homeowners or aspiring homeowners who hope to emulate the Andrews' success, John offered the following advice: "Patience is probably the most important [trait in the homeowner process]. Do not commit to more than you can currently afford. Be willing to wait. And keep focused on your larger, longer term goals."

RBFCU extends heartfelt congratulations to the Andrews family on achieving their dream and paying off their mortgage!

The Andrews' celebrate
			paying off their house with RBFCU

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