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$ave Green by Going Green

While some areas have a bit more rain this past month than usual, the upcoming months promise to be dry. That means the grass that’s begun to sprout greenly on your lawn may not have much of a chance to make it through the rough summer.

However, there are other alternatives that may allow you to have a healthy and attractive lawn but will not require the water investment that many of our typical lawn plants seem to need. Xeriscaping gives you the option to save water by incorporating forethought and some simple principles to reduce the water needed for your lawn.

Many people who hear the term xeriscaping automatically think of rocks and cactus, which can make for a prickly and uninviting lawn. However, xeriscaping actually encompasses many of the beautiful plants we see throughout the Texas landscape. Review these simple tips to get started xeriscaping your lawn and conserving our natural resources:

  • Choose appropriate plants. You can research online or speak to a local expert regarding the plants that fit best with your environment. Certain grasses, groundcovers, trees, shrubs and flowers have flourished in our local ecosystems for hundreds of years. These plants will differ depending on where you are located.
  • Design appropriate irrigation. Instead of watering everywhere with a hose or sprinkler, different irrigation options may work better for different types of plants. For example, a spritz with a hose may not give a tree the nourishment it needs, but a bubbler or drip emitter may “quench its thirst” more efficiently.
  • Contour the landscape. Rain is your lawn’s best friend, and you don’t want all the fresh rainwater rolling straight downhill and stripping your yard of healthy soil. Look at the way your lawn is structured and consider whether you can use rocks, plants or other resources to take advantage of the rainfall.
  • Water less frequently. This tip may vary based on your individual lawn, but typically it benefits your plants if you water thoroughly on a less-regular basis, letting the water soak in and strengthen the roots of your plants. Again, this may not apply to every lawn, so check online or consult with an expert before you change your watering habits.

Having a cool, crisp and beautiful lawn isn’t impossible, even during a South Texas summer. If you’re looking for options to improve your lawn or home’s overall condition, consider a Home Equity Loan. This low-rate loan may give you the financing you need to improve your home’s appearance, while helping you save money over the long-run.