Credit Union News

VCRs. Roadmaps. Classified advertising. Bookshelf encyclopedias. Yellow pages.

What do all these things have in common? According to the Huffington Post, they all became obsolete in the past decade. Recent market trends are showing that free checking may be going the same way at big banks. However, according to a recent Bankrate checking study, credit unions continue to be the champions of free checking.

The Bankrate study showed some form of free checking is offered at 96 percent of credit unions across the United States. At RBFCU, when you enroll in our checking program, you'll not only receive free checking; you'll receive a debit card that actually pays you when you use it.

The Freedom Check Card's cash back program paid $5 million to members in 2010. Each time a member uses his or her card to make a transaction, they earn 10 cents toward their annual reward check. For some members, these card swipes add up to more than $100 each year!

While other financial institutions are looking for opportunities to charge members, RBFCU continues to put more money back into members' pockets. Sign up for a checking account and a Freedom Check Card today, and you can start earning a dime every time and getting more for your money as well. Free checking may be obsolete at other institutions, but it's alive and well at RBFCU!

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