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Five minutes.

If you're reading this article, you've probably already committed a few minutes to surfing the web, or checking your account balance, or possibly to reviewing your social network profiles.

Do you have any idea what else you could do with five minutes? If you use RBFCU's ePay online bill pay service, you could take care of all your pressing financial obligations in five minutes each month.

We've all done it the old-fashioned way before – written out the checks, totaled everything in the register, licked the stamps, sealed the envelopes and sent out the bills, hoping we wouldn't be tagged with a late fee. Even though you receive free checks through your RBFCU membership, your time and your money are still being used on purchasing stamps and on the mailing process. If you typically pay your bills at the local cable or water office, you're probably allocating even more of your valuable time on driving to the office, standing in line and dealing with the headaches of in-person payments (not to mention the expensive fuel you'll need to make your way across town).

Online bill pay, on the other hand, provides a convenient option to manage your bills. Whether you set up automatic payments or manually review and pay each bill, taking care of your financial obligations is as simple as logging on to your computer and making a few mouse clicks. Free, easy and convenient – what could be better? Enroll in ePay today and take advantage of time and money savings online bill pay can provide!

Enrolling in eAlerts is free, but you may be charged for text messages by your mobile wireless provider. eAlerts are a supplemental service and are not a replacement for responsible account review and management. You are responsible for any fees or charges incurred on your account whether you receive your eAlerts or not. Program terms subject to change.

Program terms are subject to change. ePay is a free service for members. Members who enroll in ePay and do not pay at least one bill per month for three consecutive months will automatically be removed from this service. You must have a Randolph-Brooks Checking Account to use this service.

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