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Drive Smarter!

Gas prices have decreased a little as the weather has heated up and summer has neared. However, the costs of driving can still take a big chunk out of your budget. Keep reading for easy ways to save a little money and drive smarter:

  • Brake the right way. If you use your brakes carefully, slowing down before coming to expected stops, then you can save gas. Accelerating, then slamming on the brakes, burns more fuel during your drive. Additionally, using your brakes too aggressively can cost you in other ways as well, as it increases the overall wear and tear on your vehicle and may create other problems.
  • Close your windows. It seems like common sense to turn off your air conditioning in your vehicle and roll down your windows, right? After all, running the air conditioner is using energy and probably costing you money. However, rolling down your windows is not the solution to saving gas money. Instead, rolling down your windows can increase the drag on your car, making it less aerodynamic and causing your vehicle’s efficiency to suffer.
  • Inflate your tires. Properly inflated tires can help increase your gas mileage. In fact, the department of energy estimates that inflating tires could improve your gas mileage by about 3.3 percent, which adds up when you consider the driving you do over a month or a year. Other easy steps to improve your vehicle’s efficiency include getting regular tune-ups and replacing clogged air filters.
  • Carpool or combine trips. You don’t have to do it alone. Carpooling to work or school may help you save money, as well as make your travel more convenient. Sharing the driving duties with a friend (or a few friends) can reduce your travel costs and help both of you save on fuel and vehicle maintenance. When you’re on your own running errands, you can also save some time and gas by combining trips, planning out your travel to stop by the gym, the grocery store and the hardware store all in the same trip.
  • Make driving more wallet-efficient. If you’re just not getting the mileage you want out of your vehicle, consider getting a new one or saving on your current one. You could refinance your car from another institution to RBFCU to take advantage of a lower rate. Or, you could benefit from the low rates by purchasing a new or used vehicle that will take less gas to be efficient. The new car smell might be an added perk, but the feel of more money staying in your wallet (or account) will be the true benefit of making a wise auto financing decision.

The open road beckons as summer approaches, school’s out and adventure calls. Make the most of your drives by making memories that will last forever without the added fuel and vehicle expenses. Happy driving!