Credit Union News

According to a recent article from consumer watchdog Clark Howard, bank fees are higher than ever. In fact, bank fees have risen in almost every category, from ATM fees to overdrafts to charges for checking accounts. If you're a big bank customer, you can say goodbye to free checking; fees on their checking accounts alone have risen 40 percent over last year and are now costing the average consumer $2.49 every month.

However, as bank fees continue to grow, so does the value of RBFCU membership. Why? Because at RBFCU, we continue to keep fees on our products and services as low as possible, or to eliminate them all together. Cash back checking, free online services and electronic bill pay, free mobile applications–all from the credit union that provides you greater value while other financial institutions are taking more and more of your hard-earned money.

Clark Howard summed up the fee philosophy of big banks in this sentence: "Who would be best served by a big bank? Those who want more meanness in their lives; those who enjoy waking up and being hit with fees left and right; and those who value convenient branch locations over everything else." More meanness in your life? With your busy schedule, you certainly don't need that.

You don't have to put up with fees or pay excessive charges to use your own money. Instead, come to a financial institution that saves you money – up to $150 per household per year.* Stop by an RBFCU branch or call our member service center. We promise you'll receive low-fee, high-value service with a smile.

* Based on research by the Credit Union National Association, 2009.