Birthdays on a Budget

Birthdays are exciting, whether you're celebrating your 6th or your 60th. By using these frugal common sense tips, you can make sure your birthday celebrations are budget-friendly as well.

piece of cake birthday savings


For Kids’ Parties:

Craft when you can. Sure, you can spend a lot of money buying a birthday banner, party hats and streamers galore, but do you really need the glitzy, glittery store supplies? Start early and make your own banners and decorations – you can let the kids get involved and give them more ownership of their party, for a fraction of the cost.

Party favor savers. Most party favors don't make it long once kids get home. They often get abandoned in the car or tossed into the trash. So, don't go all out with fancy favors. Kids can be just as happy receiving some stickers and a small game or coloring book as they would be with pricey plastic toys or jewelry.

For Anyone:

Potluck your party. If you're hosting a party, you don't have to go all out with fancy catered meals. Instead, ask your close friends to make it a potluck or a simple picnic, with everyone bringing their favorite dish. You can provide the main course and the cake, and ask your friends to supply a favorite side.

Wrap up some savings. Check discount or bargain stores for fun and interesting wrapping supplies. If you visit any of the “just a dollar” type stores, you may be able to find bright, fun wrapping paper or even gift bags and tissue paper at a fraction of the cost a department store or specialty shop would charge. Then, you can put a larger percentage of your budget into the gift and spend less on paper that will be thrown away.

Start a gift closet. When you see something on clearance that you think a family member might like, consider purchasing it, even if their birthday isn't right around the corner. You can buy it and save it, then “shop” from your gift supplies when you are looking for the perfect present. And, if you buy the gift using your CashBack Rewards MasterCard®, or your Freedom Check Card, you'll be earning rewards that could add up to a special gift for yourself later.