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Brackenridge House

As we begin the new year, and the new decade, many people are considering the changes they plan to make in the next ten years, or are looking back on the progress they've made during the previous ten.

For Bennie and Sue Blansett, the past decade included a strong business relationship with RBFCU. In 1999, the Blansetts applied for a business loan. Bennie, a retired Air Force Colonel, had been stationed in San Antonio during the late 60s and the couple had fallen in love with the then-growing community. They chose San Antonio as the perfect place to launch a second career and fulfill their dreams of living and working in the South Central Texas community.

Their dream job? Working together as innkeepers and co-owners of a bed and breakfast. They purchased Brackenridge House, a picturesque historic home in the King William district, and in 1999, they applied to RBFCU for a loan. This type of loan was unique for RBFCU, as the credit union had no official business services department at that time, but our team worked to provide the Blansetts with a loan that would assist them in growing their business. The couple credits their credit union relationship for their success. "If it wasn't for Randolph-Brooks, we probably wouldn't be in the bed and breakfast business," Bennie Blansett said.

Eleven years later, at the end of 2009, the Blansetts made a special visit to RBFCU. In a meeting with CEO Randy Smith and members of the senior team, the couple made their final loan payment on Brackenridge House. Their debt has been paid and their dream has been achieved thanks to their hard work, vision for success and relationship with RBFCU. "Our credit union was willing to extend a loan and create an opportunity for this couple," said Mark Sekula, senior vice president of business services for RBFCU. "Our mission is to help our members improve their financial well-being and quality of life, and we appreciate members like the Blansetts who allow us to share in their lives, projects and accomplishments."

RBFCU takes pride in each and every member success story. In 1999, our credit union chose to support this couple and their business when other financial institutions turned them away. Eleven years later, our business services team is working to provide loans and turn dreams into realities each day. If you have a business plan or idea, consider learning more about the RBFCU business services team – you might just find the perfect fit for your entrepreneurial goals.