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Credit Union News

CBS Early Show Praises Credit Unions

RBFCU members are already familiar with the outstanding benefits credit unions provide. Thanks to CBS's Early Show, the credit union difference was made apparent to viewers across the nation. According to Vera Gibbons, the Early Show's financial contributor, credit union member growth is up by 11 percent over the past year. She highlighted some of the many benefits of credit union membership, including:

  • Extended membership – Many people still think of credit union membership as restricted to a niche group. With credit unions like RBFCU, there are hundreds of ways to become a member.
  • Better chance for loans – Bank lending portfolios have been shrinking; however, with responsible lending provided through a credit union, members have a better chance of receiving a personal loan.
  • Loan rates – Gibbons contrasted the typical rates offered by credit unions and banks on vehicle loans. The credit union loans leave far more in the consumer's pocket.

To sum it up, Gibbons stated that there's really no downside to credit union membership. With better rates, fewer fees and greater member satisfaction, credit union membership is an excellent option for anyone looking to safeguard their financial future.

But don't just take our word for it: watch the CBS Early Show video for yourself or read the online article posted at