Credit Union News

"Free checking may be going the way of the toasters banks once gave to customers for opening a new account." That's how an article about Wells Fargo and Chase's recent decision to begin phasing out free accounts in certain states, began.

The first stages of the phase-out will occur in New Jersey. While some customers will have the opportunity to avoid monthly maintenance fees by meeting balance and other requirements, banking industry officials have made it clear that "the trend is moving away from free checking." (Source: John McWeeney, Jr., New Jersey Bankers Association).

Here at RBFCU, free checking isn't just a trend. We provide members with checking accounts that are not only free, but that give them cash back on every debit card purchase. In fact, part of our business philosophy is to provide members with the best services and the fewest possible fees. It's all part of the credit union difference: "people helping people" to make wise financial decisions and spend their money on needs, not on frivolous fees.

If you already have an RBFCU Free Cash Back Checking account, you're familiar with the benefits that come standard with RBFCU's service. However, if you're looking for a checking account that can give you more, here are just a few reasons to consider a free RBFCU account instead of an account that will cost you at another financial institution:

  • 10 cents cash back on every purchase with your Freedom Check Card
  • Free checks when ordered online
  • Thousands of convenient ATM locations
  • Zero liability on fraudulent purchases

Don't wait for the big banks to charge you additional fees for using their checking. Find an account that gives you more for your money – RBFCU's Free Cash Back Checking!