Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Select Employee Group?
Why is membership at RBFCU a benefit?

What is a Select Employee Group (SEG)?

A Select Employee Group or SEG is a company, organization, or an association that has partnered with RBFCU in order to offer credit union membership as an enhancement to its employee's benefit package.

Why is membership at RBFCU a benefit?

Simple. We help you offer added value to your employees or members — for FREE! As a financial cooperative, we are dedicated to helping members save time, save money and earn money.

Studies have shown that through improved financial education of your organization's members, you can curb absenteeism, tardiness, reduced productivity and lowered morale. Financial Education Programs can also be expected to reduce theft, embezzlement and fraud.

More than 300,000 people have chosen RBFCU to serve their financial needs. Why? For each member, the answer is unique as they are. For some, it's the convenience. For others, it's because we helped them in a time of need. For many, it's all about the money they save!

Our Business Development Representatives are ready to offer your organization more through our member centered services, including:

New Employee Orientation — We will gladly provide membership enrollment kits, brochures and conduct personal presentations at your new employee or member orientation meetings.

On-site Visits — We deliver convenience by conducting on-site visits to serve a variety of financial needs. These visits are effortless on your part -- we provide all announcement flyers, materials and refreshments.

Free Financial Education Seminars — Business Development Representatives can hold on-site seminars on a variety of financial topics, including financial planning, smart credit management and retirement planning, providing educational materials on a variety of financial topics which you may use in your newsletter, on your bulletin boards or however you deem appropriate.

Among these benefits, RBFCU also offers:

  • Free cash back checking
  • Attractive rates on savings, money markets, and CDs
  • Low-rate signature loans
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • Free eStatements and ePay services
  • Employees may retain membership regardless of job changes, retirements or relocation
  • Immediate family members of employees may join